Tripura New Scheme 2021 - Mukhya Mantri Antyadaya Shradhanjali Yojana

Tripura New Scheme 2021 - Mukhya Mantri Antyadaya Shradhanjali Yojana

Government of Tripura notification to introduce new scheme namely “Mukhya Mantri Antyadaya Shradhanjali Yojana” w.e.f. 1st April’ 2021 for providing financial assistance on the death of an Antoyada Family member for performing funeral rites. The details of the scheme are as follows.


1. Name of the Scheme: “MukhyamantriAntyodayaShradhanjaliYojana”

2. Scope of Scheme: One time financial grant would be provided on the death of family member of an Antyodaya family to perform the rites and rituals of the deceased person and to meet incident expenses related to cremation/burial.

3. Targeted Beneficiaries: Financial assistance will be provided to the next of kin, or if not available, to the nearest family member of the deceased person of Antyodaya Family.

(i) The applicant of all ages shall be eligible for getting the benefit under this scheme.

(ii) The deceased person must be a resident of Tripura.

4. Amount of Grant: Rs.2000/- for performing last rites of one deceased person belonging to Antyodaya family as onetime Benefit.

5. Number of Beneficiaries to be covered under the Scheme: Every eligible member as informed by the AWC Worker/Helper will be covered under the Scheme.

6. Proposed Date for Implementing the Scheme: 1st April’ 2021.

7. Operational Guidelines: Assistance under this scheme shall be sanctioned on the basis of written application in a plain paper, received from the next of kin, and if not available, from the nearest member of the family of the deceased person, along with a copy of Antyodaya Ration Card, showing name of the deceased person in the Antyodaya Ration Card. The application shall be made to the nearest Anganwadi centre and it shall be duly certified by the following:-

  • Rural areas: Gaon Pradhan
  • Urban areas: Respective Ward Member
  • TTAADC areas: Chairperson, Village Committee
The CDPOs of the respective areas will sanction the grant on the receipt of certified application along with AAY RC copy and direct the Anganwadi worker to provide one time ex-gratia grant immediately in cash to the applicant from feeding contingency available with her. Since the financial assistant is to be provided at the time of cremation, the sending of application along with documents by AWW and its sanction by CDPO may be obtained through mobile apps also. The AWW shall keep a record of payment and will submit it to CDPOs office on the next working day. The amount shall be reimbursed by the CDPOs within next three working days to AWW and proper record shall be kept in CDPOs office of the original application and related documents.

8. The Government may make any change in the scheme as and when required.

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