Tripura General Knowledge (GK) Part-4

Tripura Gk provided various current affairs of Tripura, General Knowledge of Tripura, History Gk in Tripura, MCQ Tripura History Gk, Latest Gk in Tripura for Competitive Exam Question Papers Collection and Gk solved from different exams like TPSC, Tripura High Court, NHM, Tripura Police, etc. help in the preparation of exams.

Q61. Who is the deviser of DDC?

(a) John Dewey

(b) Michael Dewey

(c) Melvil Dewey

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Melvil Dewey

Q62. In which classification Scheme Zero (0) is the only indicator digit?

(a) DDC

(b) CC

(c) UDC

(d) None of these

Answer: (a) DDC

Q63. What is PRECIS?

(a) Post-coordinate Indexing System

(b) Pre-coordinate Indexing System

(c) Preserved Context Indexing System

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Preserved Context Indexing System

Q64. Who devised classified catalog code?

(a) A. Panni

(b) S.R. Ranganathan

(c) C. A. Cutter

(d) None of them

Answer: (b) S.R. Ranganathan

Q65. What do you know about catalog?

(a) A list of books of all types

(b) List of the books of a particular library

(c) Details of a book

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) List of the books of a particular library

Q66. AACR stands for which of the following?

(a) Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

(b) Anglo-American Classification Rules

(c) Anglo-American Cataloguing Research

(d) None of these

Answer: (a) Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

Q67. How many levels of descriptions AACR II provides?

(a) 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) 3

Q68. What is the full form of ISBN?

(a) Indian Standard Bibliographic Number

(b) International Standard Bibliographic Number

(c) International Standard Book Number

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) International Standard Bibliographic Number

Q69. CCF stands for

(a) Common Cataloguing Format

(b) Common Classification Format

(c) Common Communication Format

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Common Communication Format

Q70. University Library Network in India is known as




(d) None of these

Answer: (c) INFLIBNET

Q71. World of Learning is

(a) A Bibliography

(b) An Abstract

(c) An Encyclopedia

(d) None of these

Answer: (d) None of these

Q72. Personal assistance to the user in getting his/her desired document/information is called

(a) Current Awareness Service

(b) Reference Service

(c) Information Service

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Reference Service

Q73. By which Act, the National Library of India gets the books from the publishers?

(a) The Press and Registration Act, 1952

(b) Delivery of Books Act, 1954

(c) Copyright Act, 1985

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Delivery of Books Act, 1954

Q74. User’s profile is an important component in which service?

(a) SDI

(b) CAS

(c) Reference

(d) None of these

Answer: (a) SDI

Q75. ‘The library for the people, of the people and by the people’ is called-

(a) National Library

(b) Academic Library

(c) Public Library

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Public Library

Q76. What does INSDOC stand for?

(a) Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre

(b) International Science Documentation Centre

(c) Indian National Science Documentation Centre

(d) None of these

Answer: (a) Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre

Q77. Trial run of the first train to Agartala took place on

(a) 26th January 2008

(b) 29th March 2008

(c) 29th June 2008

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) 29th June 2008

Q78. Which of the following pairs are correctly matched?

(a) Tripureswari Temple -  Birchandra

(b) Nirmala – Radhakishore

(c) Bhubaneswari Temple – Gobinda Manikya

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Bhubaneswari Temple – Gobinda Manikya

Q79. Garia Puja is performed in the month of

(a) Pous

(b) Chaitra

(c) Baisakh

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) Baisakh

Q80. The largest river in Tripura is

(a) Juri

(b) Manu

(c) Dhalai

(d) None of these

Answer: (d) None of these